{S i t e; ▸{B a c k s t o r y; ▸{R u l e s; ▸(S y n d i c a t e s;

You’re already doomed to a life of crime; if not a part of it, then drawn into it. You might as well as make the best of it until your time is up—one way or another. Corruption lies at every corner, there’s no escape once you’re drawn in. Whether it be at the hands of blackmailed police officers or gang member torturers. Will you be one of the few to take that step forward over gang violence? Or will you inevitably fall into their clutches to be used as a puppet? Will you even join them in the fun? You’ve met your match.

Welcome to a life of predetermined deathcrimedrugsoblivious slavery. What side are you on? Your life is already sold.

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